How to Know You're on the Official MaineGeneral Health Site

Watch out for copycat websites that pose as a legitimate MaineGeneral website.

Scammers commonly target customers of well-known health care entities like MaineGeneral in order to get your information or make you click on links that can harm your computer or mobile phone. This may include unauthorized use of MaineGeneral's name, phone numbers, email addresses, logos and images. Scams create what looks like an official MaineGeneral website.

How can you tell you're on an official MaineGeneral page?

  • Look for the "lock" image in the URL bar and/or "http://" which indicates you are on a secure site.
  • All official MaineGeneral pages will begin with "http://mainegeneral" except for our Giving page, which begins "http://give.mainegeneral".
  • Make sure the spelling is correct in the MaineGeneral name. Sometimes a scammer will replace just one letter so at first glance it looks like the real URL.
  • You can always type into your browser "" to get to the home page of the MaineGeneral website. From there you can navigate to other pages in our site with the security of knowing you are on the official MaineGeneral website.
  • Share any personal information only on an official, secure website.

We have no way to stop these copycat sites. If you have any questions regarding the security of MaineGeneral’s websites or the protection of your personal information, email us at

If you suspect you are on a spoofed site, get off the site immediately and report it. The FBI has information about scams and how to report them.

Also be aware of phone call spoofing

Spoofing is a form of spam in which a scammer uses a number that appears to be coming in from a legitimate, well-known source like MaineGeneral.

We do not have a way to stop scammers from spoofing MaineGeneral phone numbers.

If you receive a spoofed call, do not say anything, hang up, and report the calls to the FCC: